What are some of the frustrations that you encounter with homeschooling?

Written Aug 17, 2016

Interestingly, the biggest frustration with homeschooling our daughter is not the learning, but rather how we as parents perceive her education.

Let me explain.

I am a rational thinker (think nerdy engineer type). I deeply research topics of interest (such as homeschooling) to the point where it drives my friends, family, and associates to distraction. I have concluded from my research, that unschooling is the appropriate learning approach for our daughter (and I can cite hundreds of books and articles to back this up).

My wife, on the other hand, is an emotional thinker (she is also Chinese – think Dragon Mum – but that is a discussion for a different time). She bases her ideas and decisions on what she feels is right. Therefore, no amount of research is going to convince her, and she has a lingering concern that if our daughter does not follow a traditional curriculum, she will “miss” something in her education.

And therein lies the frustration – we are torn between two fundamentally different approaches to learning.

Fortunately, even though my wife is very stubborn, I am very patient. I also am the one who spends most of the time actually educating our daughter, so I pretty much get to practice what I preach. Even more fortunately, our daughter is BOTH stubborn and patient, and continues to immerse herself in fantastic educational paths (e.g. she chose to participate in university-level astronomy and physics courses), so the fruits of our endeavors are therefore evident over time.

Homeschooling is fantastic! (Especially the unschooling approach … oops, personal opinion). I am constantly amazed at the depth and variety of paths that our daughter chooses to pursue. However, if you are considering homeschooling as a choice, I suggest your family has some detailed discussions regarding the goals, and educational approach, of your child’s educational adventure.