How do unschooled people get into colleges or university?

Written Sep 3, 2016

Just like everyone else …

you follow the instructions on the college or universities website.

Of course, you have also spent several years doggedly pursuing your passion down numerous rabbit holes and, in the process, you have developed a remarkable ability to carefully research, analyze, and pursue those passions tirelessly. Your efforts have caused you to amass of portfolio that demonstrates your love of learning, your ability to think critically, and to go boldly where others have feared to tread.

Or …

you have squandered your time, and allowed numerous opportunities to slip by, ignoring the experience and wisdom of those around you.

But seriously …

unschoolers can pursue a path to the highest levels of academia, if they choose. The key is to demonstrate a passion for learning – what Jon Reider (a former admissions executive at Stanford) refers to as “intellectual vitality”.

If you have specific goals, then check the requirements of the particular career or profession you seek (and, once again, you will likely find those on the college or university websites which you choose to pursue).

Remember – nothing in life is easy. Unschooling can free you from the constraints of a traditional school, but you still have to dive down those rabbit holes, thoroughly examine yourself, and the world around you.