Why are art and science equally important?

Written Sep 2, 2016

I used to think that science was the important part, and that art and music were just for fun.

However, I have found my outlook changing over time. Obviously, science (and engineering and math) have been extremely important, and have led to the huge advances in society evident since the industrial revolution. Heck, I have been involved in aerospace and engineering activities my entire career.

But …

Even hard science requires creativity, and creativity is nurtured. I have always enjoyed music and the arts (I have performed in front of thousands of people), but considered it to be fun, and not really serious. Recently, I have been exploring educational philosophy since we have chosen to homeschool our daughter, and Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk on creativity stopped me in my tracks. I began to realize that the arts are not just nice to have – they are an essential part of our education; not just for our students, but for society as a whole.