Where do unschoolers go to get caught up on common core subjects for college?

Say an unschooler needs to know high school level physics in order to take a course in the STEM field in college. Where does he go to learn it?

Written Sep 12, 2016

Common Core State Standards Initiative

There they are … in all their glory.

The goal of catching up on the common core standards is certainly admirable. The question is … is this an appropriate goal?

Don’t get me wrong … I actually believe the common core standards are an excellent guide. However, before you sally forth to conquer the standards, I would make sure that they will help you achieve your goal.

From your question, it appears that your goal is college. If that is the case, then you should examine the admissions criteria from whatever college you strive to enter. Your focus can then be guided by the very criteria used for entrance.

However, if your goal is to enrich your knowledge, and ensure you have a broad base for your general education, the common core standards are certainly a great place to start.