As a homeschool student or parent, have you wanted to hire a teacher for individual classes or subjects that you found difficult to learn or teach?

Written Sep 16, 2016

The simple answer is yes.

Hired” lessons

Our (10 year-old) daughter takes piano and violin lessons from teachers.

She takes badminton lessons at our badminton club. (We play badminton competitively, and our club has an international-level coach).

She takes swimming lessons at a local school, which has a highly-ranked aquatics team.

She takes art class with a local artist (2 students at a time).

She takes Chinese classes provided by a local Chinese association. (This one is interesting. Her mother is Chinese, and is eminently qualified to teach her. However, in this case, it seems to work better to have an outside class).

She takes an online Latin class.

Other” lessons

Math – I am currently teaching her, but I anticipate that she will either need a tutor or, more likely, community college classes in the future.

English/Writing – same as above

Science – mostly through online videos. Deep dives will probably be through Coursera or community college

Digital graphics and animation – I offered to get her a tutor or enroll her in a local college class. She has chosen to learn from other artists who post on YouTube


Since there’s tons of stuff available on the internet, it makes sense (to me) to conduct survey learning, or basic learning, ourselves. However, when seeking mastery of a topic, it makes more sense to use a teacher, tutor, or coach. (This is in line with Anders Ericsson’s work on Deliberate Practice).