What’s the “right way” to homeschool?

What are some strategies for homeschool success? For example: variety in educational content, physical education, social interaction, materials, etc. I want to learn more as my daughter gets to preschool age.

Written Sep 20, 2016

Structured vs. Unstructured Homeschooling …

One interesting article by Gwen Dewar cites a Canadian study, indicating that homeschooled students in a structured curriculum did significantly better than traditionally-schooled students, while those in an unstructured homeschool environment did significantly worse.

In 5 of 7 test areas, (word identification, phonic decoding, science, social science, humanities) structured homeschoolers were at least one grade level ahead of public schoolers.

They were almost half a year ahead in math, and slightly, but not significantly, advanced in reading comprehension.”

Researchers calculated the probabilities of getting these results due to random chance alone. For science and calculation, these probabilities were 1.9% and 2.6%. For word identification, decoding, and social science, the probabilities were all below 0.07%.”

In every test area, unstructured homeschoolers got lower scores than the structured homeschoolers did.

In 5 of 7 areas, the differences were substantial, ranging from 1.32 grade levels for the math test to 4.2 grade levels for the word identification test.

Where the structured homeschoolers performed above grade level, the unstructured homeschoolers performed below it.

The chance that unstructured homeschoolers performed worse due to random factors? Less than 0.07%.”

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