How is technology changing the way students learn?

Written Sep 28, 2016

5th Grade Homeschool …

  • Online classes (Skype/webmeeting)
  • Online learning (e.g. Kahn Academy, Wuzzit, BrainPop)
  • Research (Google, YouTube)
  • Videos (YouTube e.g. vSauce, Veritasium; National Geographic, PBS)
  • Writing projects (Wattpad)
  • Drawing & Animation (Apps on computer posted to YouTube or DeviantArt)
    • SAI; drawing tablet; PhotoShop; MovieMaker, etc.
  • Collaborative projects (community of artists on Skype, YouTube, etc)
  • Learning games (Minecraft, ST Math, etc)
  • MOOCs (Coursera, etc)
  • Online books from library

Our daughter spends about half of her learning time on the computer/online. The rest of the time, she is either practicing piano, violin, or engaged in discussions regarding Roman History, math, etc. She also takes regular classes in 2 sports, piano, violin, art, and Chinese.