Is there a game (video, board, cards, online) that integrates math skills applicable to the classroom?

Written Sep 29, 2016

Wuzzit-top-5Check out Wuzzit Trouble (Our Platform).

Wuzzit is developed by Keith Devlin and his team at Brainquake. Keith is a professor at Stanford University, and a popular author. He is also the “Math Guy” on NPR.

ST MathAlso worth a look is ST Math is a Visual Math Instructional Software. ST Math is a visually based approach to learning math, and has a body of research which demonstrates its effectiveness.

ST Math’s creator talks about the concept:

You_Cubed_Advice_Preview_0Inspiring Students to Math Success and a Growth Mindset does not specifically have games, but incorporates many excellent approaches that can be used in the classroom. Jo Boaler (also of Stanford University) is the driving force behind this effort.