How would you design an “ideal” school?

Written Oct 2, 2016

Perhaps the ideal school is … not a school!

What is the purpose of a school? If it is to teach the skills required to survive in society, most kids seem to be able to learn much of that themselves. (This is the approach advocated by John Holt (educator), proponent of unschooling).

Perhaps the ideal school is … a tutor

Benjamin Bloom wrote a paper about different types of learning and their efficacy . In this paper, he was exploring methods which approached the effectiveness of one-to-one tutoring. In other words, the gold standard of teaching is .. tutoring.

Or perhaps the ideal school is … a mix of options

Benjamin Bloom was searching for an alternative to tutoring because he believed that one-to-one tutoring was too expensive for society to implement. However, the internet has given us the means to cheaply implement tutoring – every student can watch videos or participate in online learning (think Khan Academy) at any time. The teacher can then become a mentor, coach, guide, or even a tutor. (Flipped classroom)

Or perhaps the ideal school is … the Sudbury school

In the Sudbury School model, the students are basically in charge of their education. They get to deliberate on the curriculum and administration of the school. They are active participants in their own education. Essentially, this model is “unschooling” in a school setting.

My ideal school is … the freedom to choose my ideal school!