What are websites where I can connect with other students who are unschooled?

Everything seems to be for connecting parents…. where can students connect?

Written Oct 2, 2016

I agree that most of the websites are more for the parents … and this is frustrating.

My daughter has had some success connecting with her peers on YouTube, DeviantArt, and Wattpad. She draws and animates on YouTube and DeviantArt, and sends texts and messages to others who participate. Similarly, she communicates with other writers on Wattpad. Occasionally, they arrange group calls on Skype, mostly to discuss art projects. While it is not clear whether the others are unschoolers, this is irrelevant – it is a community of peers who share the same interests.

She has recently been participating in an online language class (via Skype), and I have noticed that she has started to communicate with some other students outside of class. These are almost certainly homeschoolers, since the classes are held on weekday afternoons.

Therefore, the best way to connect seems to be through general interests.