Is a degree in animation valuable?

The one I’m looking at is computer animation with 2D and 3D animation as well as art history and an art core


My daughter spends a lot of her time doing digital graphics and animation. I offered to get her a tutor, or to enroll her in courses at Full Sail University (which has an excellent reputation in this field, and offers a degree in animation). She turned me down on both offers – said she would rather just learn online from other animators.

I looked through a number of job descriptions on Monster for animator. Only one stated that they required formal training in animation. The vast majority had experience requirements for animation.

Therefore, you need to do more research to determine whether a degree in animation is valuable to you. It certainly does not appear to be a requirement for getting a job in animation, but it may provide you with skills in different software packages, animating techniques, etc.

If you already have experience animating, or can provide a portfolio of your work, I suggest you go ahead and apply for a position. (One way to highlight your skills would be to develop your own website, and use it to showcase your work. You can then reference this on your resume). This would allow you to gain experience while getting paid. Then, if you want to pursue a degree, you can do it while you work.