What are the different forms of homeschooling?

Written Oct 8, 2016

Almost every homeschool experience is unique, and is more likely to be a mishmash of two or more forms of homeschooling.


For example … our family.

Over the past year or so, we have tried various flavors of homeschooling with our 10 year-old daughter. As we try each method, I ask her for feedback, to categorize and rank her favorite ways to learn. Here are the results of our latest discussion:


This list shows a mix:

  • online learning (graphics, math, & writing)
  • traditional class (art, swimming & Chinese)
  • online class via Skype (Latin)
  • one-to-one tutoring (piano, violin, math, Roman history, & math)

This is one of the key differences between homeschooling and the regular school environment – we are free to choose whichever method we believe is appropriate, and best fits our daughter’s preferences and learning styles.