If you were a homeschool parent and a stranger addresses your child and asks “there’s no school today?” how would you address that situation?


Written Apr 11

There are lots of ways to answer this question.


Just yesterday, during my daughter’s annual physical, we were asked three times about her school, and what grade she was in. The easy answer was “She is homeschooled”.

However, when they asked what grade she is in, we answered “Mostly fifth grade, but high school level in some topics, and college level in one or two.”

Another option is to have fun with the question, so your response could be “She’s doing a project for social studies. She is studying people’s ideas about homeschooling.”

Most importantly, is to realize that this is not a “situation”. Being stuck in a building for hours with a bunch of other kids the same age is a “situation”.

Okay, on a more serious note.

You point out to the stranger that your child is homeschooled. If that does not “satisfy” the person, then you point out that homeschoolers generally score higher on performance measures, such as SATs, and also score higher on normative measures of socialization and self-worth.

If that is still not enough, you can point out that a higher percentage of homeschooled applicants get selected for Ivy League schools than traditionally-schooled students.

Of course, being a stranger, you could just say –

  • None of your darn business.”